Gong Trainings

Learn the Healing Art of Playing the GONG

Anne Hughes
Module 1:

Gong Resonance Therapy

Module 1: Gong Techniques

Are you fascinated by the healing and harmonic resonance of the Gong? Whether you are new to playing the gong or an experienced player, this workshop will offer a new perspective on how to work with this powerful sound current. Expand your relationship with the gong in a way that is transformative yet liberating, playful and creative. No prior experience playing the gong is necessary. Learn a number of gong strokes and playing techniques that will deepen your understanding and experience with the gong. Novices will get a solid base of playing techniques and deep listening exercises to help enter into an active state of meditation while playing. More experienced gong players will get an expanded vocabulary of sonic possibilities, subtleties and dynamics in producing various sounds, textures and tone qualities. We will also focus on playing the gong in different settings – individual therapy, group experience and Savasana.

We will have a small selection of gongs to practice with during the workshop. We will have to take turns playing.  Participants are encouraged to hold a respectful and meditative space while they are playing and while they are listening to others play. Participants are welcome to bring their own gong(s) to practice with as well.  If you plan on bringing a gong, please contact us and arrive 15-30 min early to set up your gong and stand.

*Open to all! No prior experience playing the gong or ownership of a gong necessary!

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July 20, 2019 ~ New Cumberland, PA @ Be Present Wellness (Intro to Gong)

August 16-17-18, 2019 ~ Northport, NY @ Kundalini Yoga of Long Island

All Levels:

The Music of the Gong

An exploratory and experiential training deepening one’s gong practice and taking participants to a new level in playing and understanding of working with gong sound and gong music. The focus of this training is making music with gongs in a group.  The player is invited to deepen their connection to the gong as a musical instrument capable of having broad effects on consciousness and the player is asked to move beyond protocols into a music of the moment. Mike will immerse participants in a series of creative exercises, group improvisations and meditative listening experiences. We will refine playing techniques, explore rhythm and dynamics, strengthen our listening and improvisational skills, learn loose composition and deepen our personal sonic vocabulary. As a group, we will explore blending our playing with Multiple Gongs and other instruments (singing bowls, bells, strings) and other musicians in the sonic field. We will compose and improvise together as a group. 

*All Levels Welcome
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July 27-28, 2019 ~ Cincinnati, OH @ The Peace Center

August 23-24-25, 2019 ~ Pittsburgh, PA @ Sterling Yoga

August 30 – September 1, 2019 ~ Northport, NY @ Kundalini Yoga of Long Island


All Levels:

Gong Creations

The Creative Potential of the Gong Ensemble

November 2019 ~ Seattle, Washington

Dates and details to be announced soon

Join Mike Tamburo for an innovative and experiential five-day workshop that explores the creative potential of gongs and other metal instruments within intentional composition and improvisational music as an ensemble. Together, we will tap into the therapeutic potential of working with gongs as an individual and as a musical collective.

Through creative exercises, group improvisations and meditative listening experiences, we will refine and experiment with playing techniques, learn loose composition (structure, phrasing, etc.) and deepen our personal sonic vocabulary. As an ensemble, we will explore blending our playing with other musicians and other instruments in the soundscape.

This is a great course for anyone interested in group composition and group playing, musicians seeking to add meditative and transformational elements to their practice and play. and “non-musicians” to discover their innate connection to the true power and collective power of music.

Days One and Two: Technique and listening.

As a foundation, we will consider and practice the basic elements and skills important in solo and group playing, as well developing a meditative mind and energetic sensitivity. Learners will leave with a new awareness to their touch and their tone (mallet to the gong), an increased skill set to physically play the gong, and knowledge on the musical potential of gongs in terms of dynamics, rhythm, structure, tone, harmony and improvisation.

Days Three, Four and Five: Deeply Exploring Soundscapes As An Ensemble.

Learners will explore many types of gong playing sessions and structure through practice, group improvisation, loose composition/creating structure with sound, and blending other instruments in the soundscape. We will also practice these skills beyond our classroom walls, as we venture out to explore some of Seattle’s unique surrounding soundscapes.

We will delve into the dynamics of an ensemble (or band) to further develop dynamic listening, group communication, self and group expression, improvisation and expanding our creative palette. A lot of our learning will come from the experience of playing in and being directed as both large and small groups. Learners will develop a sensitivity to listening to and working with others while still owning their individual sound within the collective soundscape. We will write and create music together. Learners will gain skills and techniques to create new ideas for their own sessions, and confidence to respond creatively in the moment.

This course uses a large variety of gongs (Paiste, Meinl, Sean Aceto, Chau, Feng Wind, Thai, Yun), along with other instruments such as metallophones (free note bars, tuned triangles, gong oblongs, bell plates, Burma bells, singing bowls, bells, etc.) and percussion instruments (drums, wood blocks, shakers, etc.).

Your own gong and metal instruments will be highly regarded and welcomed!

This is an opportunity to learn, explore and play with a small yet diverse group of sound lovers in an intimate setting. Our hopes are that you will walk away more thoughtful musicians and artists, more dynamic listeners, creative thinkers and communicators. Mike Tamburo has spent a lifetime exploring this as practice and is grateful to act as a guiding force in your journey into sound.

Gong Creations is open to all levels of gong players (even new players). No matter your experience level, Gong Creations requires great flexibility and an open mind. We will listen more than we play.

A world of changing tones emerges from the gong each time it is struck. We are looking forward to exploring the world of sound with you!  

Trainings are limited to small groups of 12-16 people and generally fill up fast!
Please consider signing up well in advance to secure your spot.


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