Finding Our Music Together – the creation of our debut CD ‘Vibrate the Cosmos’

Finding Our Music Together – the creation of our debut CD ‘Vibrate the Cosmos’

I have been making, releasing and performing music since I was a teenager.  It has always been my passion and I am sure that it will always be.  I have played with many musicians in a number of projects, but for the last 11 or 12 years I have mostly worked solo.  My musical vision was quite singular and it was as if I could always just build a whole world of sound around me.   Throughout my life music has impacted me on so many levels and it has always been the root of my spirituality.  I see music as the highest form of communication.A few years back my relationship with music started evolving into something quite different from what I had ever expected.  

I can pinpoint this shift to three things.  The first was the gong becoming such a huge presence in my life; the second was when I started to sing live mantras in my Yoga classes; and the third was my musical collaboration with my wife Gallina.  
Playing the gong and sharing the mantras with people was the first time in my life where the music was not just about me.  It was no longer a performance but something that was being created in the moment for a higher purpose.  It was about serving the heart of someone else.  It was about helping to elevate someone to the spaces I myself had gotten to know through the sound current, yet it had very little to do with me other than that I let the sounds flow through me.  It was a profound shift that is still working it’s way through me even now.
I find myself to be very fortunate.  I had always admired bands that had couples playing together.  I would say that it is actually something that I myself had always wanted to do.  Very early in my relationship with Gallina, we were listening to the excellent ambient band Stars of the Lid.  Gallina said she would love to play ambient music of some sort.  I told her how easy it was and how fun it would be.  A little over a year later, we started playing together.  It was rewarding and challenging, heart opening and frustrating.  It was in essence a new way to know each other.  It was communicating in a whole new way.  We had started a band with some friends and things kind of fell apart before we were able to get a record out.  Gallina and I toured together in 2012 and did some recordings together.  None of the recordings felt like they were meant to be our debut cd together though.

Sometime during February 2013, Gallina and I sat down together and chanted what became our version of Wahe Guru Wahe Jio and something magical happened.  We had chanted together many times before, but there was something different about it this time.   It was kind of an experiment.  I decided to try to apply the processes that I was using to make my “solo” music to this mantra.  This meant electric guitar, effects and live looping.  The chant was always a powerful one for me, but there was something about the arrangement, the electricity and the way that our voices blended together.   It was like we had found “our music” together.  I remember lying in bed that night and feeling ecstatic and excited about this new music.  I said to Gallina, “This is what we are supposed to do.  We are supposed to just play our gongs and share this new mantra sound with people.”  

We worked on our new sounds and beautiful experiences kept emerging through writing our own arrangements of these mantras.  It was like I never truly understood these words I was chanting until we wrote our own renditions.  The mantras took on a whole new meaning. By September we recorded ‘Vibrate the Cosmos’ which was released this past March. I see it as being a perfect representation of our love for each other, for music and for the creator.  It has brought us so many blessings and it has been amazing sharing these sounds with people both live and through the recordings.

It has been a whole new adventure learning how to consistantly share this music live.  We have been sharing what we do more and more with people outside of our home base of Pittsburgh.  The response has been overwhelming.  In the midst of all of this traveling we were able to record our second CD ‘The Cosmos Shall Clear The Path’.  I think that it is an excellent artistic progression (and it features Wahe Guru Wahe Jio).  It will be released on our 6 year anniversary of our relationship (4 year wedding anniversary) September 15.  

In the meantime, if you have not checked out our first cd ‘Vibrate the Cosmos’ yet, please do so here.  The mantras are incredibly transformative and there is a lot of love in the recording.  

With light and love,
Mike Tamburo (Harnek Singh)
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