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All About The Gong:
Q&A with Crown of Eternity

Spirit Voyage Blog – Sep 22, 2015

Q&A about some of the key benefits and the role of the Gong as an instrument of transformation as well us the best ways to learn how to play the gong.

Crown of Eternity Discusses “When The Music’s On”
Spirit Voyage Blog – Nov 15, 2016

Learn more about Crown of Eternity and peek into their inspiration and creative process for the making of their latest and most vulnerable and entrancing chant album.

Sound Bath with Crown of Eternity
Saged Fibers – July 3, 2017

The different sounds, rhythms and frequencies made my mind go into a space where I felt as if I could touch the sound and make out textures. That was absolutely thrilling.

Spirit Voyage Radio Podcast:
Crown of Eternity & ‘When The Music’s On’
Spirit Voyage Radio – November 17, 2016

Join Ramdesh with special guests Crown of Eternity about their new album When the Music’s on and their groovy brand of sound healing mantra.

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Crown of Eternity travels to perform music programs, yoga:
Tribune Review – June 18, 2017

With bright colors, a presentation reminiscent of the ’60s psychedelic, and instruments including singing bowls, bells and gongs, the effect on the listener is meditative.

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Kundalini and The Power of the Gong
Indy Yogi – July 26, 2015

Crown of Eternity provided one of the most interesting programs that I experienced at the recent Bhakti Fest. Truly awe-inspiring, very psychedelic and “big” sound.

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Crown of Eternity Brings Soothing Sound Journey
The Almanac – July 28, 2016

“I like the way it makes the energy move through your body,” Silver explained after the program, during which Crown of Eternity used their array of about 50 instruments.

Vision Quest
Pittsburgh City Paper – June 11, 2009

Tamburo is a nationally touring musician, a writer, a visual artist — and, today, my spirit guide. This is where an astral journey is just another day in the life.

Crown of Eternity on Gongs & Sound Therapy
Spirit Voyage Radio – July 23, 2015

Join Ramdesh as she talks with vibrational healers, musicians, and kundalini yoga teachers Crown of Eternity about gongs, sound therapy, and the source of creativity.

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