Learn the Healing Art of Playing the GONG

Module 1: Gong Techniques

Expand your relationship with the healing and harmonic resonance of the gong in a way that is transformative yet liberating, playful and creative. Open to all. No prior experience playing the Gong necessary. Click on dates below for full details and registration.

Feb 3-5, 2017 ~ Sarasota, FL
May 6-7 ~ Tacoma, WA
May 19-21 ~ Chicago, IL
July 7-9, 2017 ~ Long Island, NY SOLD OUT
Nov 10-12, 2017 ~ Long Island, NY
Nov 17-19 ~ Cincinnati, OH

Module 2: The Healing Power of the Gong

Explore the subtle and dynamic aspects of the Gong and its affects on the mind, the body, the aura, and the dynamic balance of the five elements (tattvas). Build a foundation for utilizing Sound as a medicine for the future! *Pre-requisite: Completion of Module 1 + 100 hrs of practice playing the gong. Click on dates below for full details and registration.

Oct 20-22 ~ Asheville, NC

Praise From Our Students

The two of you complement each other so expertly. The way you are both so in tune with subtley and how you can articulate that subtlety- it is so helpful in entraining us in that understanding and use of subtlety. You are both so kind and honest. The depths with which you listen is beautiful and contageous- you make accessable so many levels of sound and vibration connection. I am so happy to have found teachers who live and teach in such an intelligent, profound and progressive way- evolving right before my eyes, the depths of sound and vibration healing…
Anne Hughes (Hari Shabad)