Earth In Space: Sacred Gong Meditation (Dec 2014) 

Gong CD by Crown of Eternity

Delve deep into the healing sound current as Crown of Eternity takes you on a cosmic journey through the harmonic resonance of multiple gongs, bells and singing bowls.

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“To know all sound and to know all silence is the path of the Gong.” ~ Brother Ong  

Experience vibration at your deepest levels as Crown Of Eternity envelopes you in a timeless journey of sonic bliss.’Earth In Space’ contains the deep complex harmonics of the Paiste Earth Year gong and 3 Sound Creation Earth gongs supported by other Planetary, Symphonic, Bronze and Brass gongs as well as bells and singing bowls. This polarity of deeply grounding yet vastly expansive sounds delivers you into the openness of the heart space and helps manifest deep peace, balance and creativity. The penetrating sounds quickly silence the mind and entrain the brain into a spontaneous state of deep meditation. The rhythmic sound oscillations facilitate the movement of life energy through the body and deliver a deep energetic reboot of the nervous system. These powerful sounds are transmitted into the tissues, realigning us on the cellular level while removing unwanted patterns and blockages and energizing, exhilarating and lifting the spirit. 

This recording lends itself to many inner experiences such as deep listening, meditation, yoga or a soundtrack for your sleep. 

Contains deep vibrations that are best enjoyed through headphones or very good speakers.


Released December 4, 2014 

Sonic Meditation performed on September 20, 2014 at Crown of Eternity

All music by Crown of Eternity

Mike and Gallina Tamburo (Harnek Singh and Kaur) 
Gongs used: Paiste Earth Year, Sun, Pluto, New Moon, Mercury, 32″ and 26″ Sound Creation Earth, 38″ Symphonic, Middle Earth, 40″ UFIP Art I Gong, 36″ Meinl Symphonic, 32″ Chau.
Bells and Singing Bowls: Paiste 2002 Bell Chime, Paiste Sound Discs, Himalayan Singing Bowls and Peter Hess Zen Bells. 

Recorded Live at Crown of Eternity/Sounds Eternal 

Mixed at White Light Recording Studios By Anthony Molina and Crown Of Eternity