Dream Architecture (2017) 

Bells and Gongs CD by Crown of Eternity

Crown of Eternity deliver six sonic meditations of shimmering mystical tones and harmonic soundscapes performed on gongs, bells, sound plates, singing bowls and tuned metallic instruments that create a space for deep exploration of your inner landscape.
Perfect for savasana, deep relaxation or explorative listening.

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Experience shimmering harmonics and meditative tones as Crown Of Eternity gently invite you to immerse yourself in your most subtle listening space. ‘Dream Architecture’’ contains the deep and complex harmonics of 11 gongs, as well as the sonorous tones of more than 60 bells, sound plates, sound triangles, tuned metals and singing bowls. Crown of Eternity carefully and patiently blend and orchestrate their instruments to create meditative and mystical harmonic fields that invite the listener to dive in and not only explore the nature of the sound current, but also their inner landscape. Dream Architecture’ is a pulsating meditative journey that explores time, space and the inner journey. Crown of Eternity’s intention is always to create a space for self healing, deep peace, inner harmony, balance and creativity.

This recording lends itself to many inner experiences such as deep relaxation, savasana, meditation, yoga, explorative listening or a soundtrack for your sleep.  

Dream Architecture was created using the sounds of Gongs, Sound Triangles, Trigons, Gong Oblongs, Bell Plates, Sound Plates, Hanging Bells, Sitting Bells, Chimes and Singing Bowls

Recorded live at Treelady Studios on February 12, 2016 by Liz Klehm
Mixed and Mastered at White Light Studios by Anthony Molina
Edited by Sean Conrad

Artwork by Sean Conrad