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Thank you so much to the wonderful and magical Mike Brother-Ong Tamburo and Gallina Harnek Kaur Tamburo for the epic sound healing session yesterday. I was laying on a table surrounded by giant gongs and had metal bowls placed on my body, all of which were played by three people. It was the most beautiful and serene experiences i’ve had for a long time, and i wish there was some way that I could describe the epic sounds and vibrations that were going through my body and reality, but no words could do it justice. I still feel a buzz from it! If you ever want to feel reeeeeaaalllyy good and reeealllyy tranquil, talk to them!Sigh M.
I don’t know where to begin but to rave with absolute enthusiasm over Crown of Eternity: the work of Mike Brother Ong Tamburo and Gallina Harnek Kaur Tamburo. I have been to the studio many times now for kundalini yoga classes, meditation, workshops, etc., but what really stands out from other studios are…the fabulous GONGS! It’s something you have to see/hear to believe and something I haven’t seen/heard in any other yoga studio in my 15-ish years of practice. The Full Moon Gong healing session this past Monday was transformative. Imagine if you will laying comfortably in a room where singing bowls and something like 20 gongs are being played. Being a part California native (where this sort of thing is more common), I have to say Pittsburgh is lucky to have Crown of Eternity as a healing, energizing, and wholly unique space and experience.
Terese Jungle
Crown of Eternity is the most peaceful and warm yoga studio that I have ever had the good fortune of visiting. It is an incredibly pleasant environment in which to relax, and enjoy a yoga session, led by Gallina and/or Mike Tamburo, both of whom are very kind and knowledgeable. I had not practiced yoga for 7-8 years prior to visiting, and before then had only been a beginner at best, but I have felt supported and encouraged every step of the way since I started attending regularly in February 2013. I typically attend the Radiant Woman classes, led by Gallina, on Saturdays. The two hours allow for an introduction of what we will be working on, a warming up period, meditative physical yoga moves, a period of relaxation accompanied with beautiful and focusing gong sounds, and then a meditation at the end. I tend to feel like I am floating home afterwards.
Michelena Wolf
I have known and studied with Mike and Gallina for many years, and they are top notch in my book – we are so lucky to have them here in our city! The atmosphere in their studio is serene and beautiful, and it always smells subtly of delicious aromatic oils. Crystals are tucked in everywhere, creating a vibration of peace and well-being. They are serious but light-hearted in their approach, and always welcome comments and questions with sincerity and thoughtfulness. I love them, and I love Kundalini Yoga… It is the most powerful practice I have ever embraced, and the transformation it creates can almost be guaranteed! Susan Richter (Dharampal Kaur)
Our experience has been wonderful each time we’re there. The friends we took have also been delighted in their visit to COE. We often refer anyone intrigued with vibrational relaxation. Both Mike & Gallina have touched our hearts. We will be seeing them for many years to come!:)Gene Stull
Gallina’s crystal treatment was powerful and deeply restorative. The stones she chose felt balancing and re-affirming for each of my chakra centers. The guidance she gave during the treatment helped me to clear emotional/relational blocks, giving clearance for Light from my higher self to shine forth more brightly onto me. I am very thankful for her and her work.Kate Sherman
I highly recommend the crystal vibrations with Gallina to anyone seeking inner peace and healing! In January 2012, I had the opportunity to participate in one of Gallina’s sessions. Being unfamiliar with this practice, I was not sure what to expect, however I am so thankful I did. I walked away totally relaxed with inner peace and healing.Deb Walenchok
My husband and I have really enjoyed our Kundalini practice with Crown of Eternity. It is a very comfortable, nurturing and healing environment that has helped us both grow spiritually and physically.Laura Jean Khal
I have used Gallina’s services two times. While in session with her I felt a deep sense of relaxation. I had some unexpected thoughts come to mind that guided my personal processing for the next few weeks. After the sessions, we talked about what we had both experienced and this was helpful and insightful. Gallina suggested that I meditate with particular stones. This experience was powerful for me and allowed me to tap into some core beliefs that have never surfaced any other way. I have been able to work on releasing these beliefs that no longer serve me positively.S
I found my healing session with Gallina to be very useful and in-depth. She takes the time to understand where you may be blocked physically, emotionally, and spiritually and intuitively works with you to lessen their impact and promote healing. She has an in-depth knowledge of how to work with many types of crystals and intuitively knows which ones are most helpful to use. As she was placing the crystals on my energy centers, and adding her own healing energy to the work, I could instantly feel a shift. It is very much like the analogy of baking a cake….I felt that each chakra was given a “missing ingredient” — just what it needed to balance itself out with a great dose of elemental energy. She also works with you in a beautiful guided meditation to release blockages. I highly recommend her work and have no doubt that anyone would benefit from her detailed and complete approach to healing.Victoria Zaitz
If you are interested in really learning about Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, or finding out what it’s really about, I would highly recommend learning from Mike and Gallina. Their dedication, experience generosity and care allow them to provide a really great experience. The warmth of their home provides a respite from the hustle bustle just minutes away. This is not an after work hobby for these folks, this is their lifestyle and it shows in the work they do. They have studied, traveled and taught at many places around the world. It has been great having access to folks with such depth of knowledge of Kundalini Yoga taught by Yogi Bhajan.Chad Mosesso (Suraj Singh)
Could not recommend Mike and Gallina more. Have been working with them since 2010. The best yoga find in Pgh with the best form of yoga. They know what they are talking about and their classes are powerful and transformative. Go–you won’t be sorry you did!Victoria Zaitz
I am writing to tell everyone that Crown of Eternity is the best place in Pittsburgh to learn about Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. I have been taking Kundalini yoga classes for over 5 years and have found my spiritual home there. Mike and Gallina are very thorough in their teachings and are readily available to answer any questions while you are going through their class. Mike and Gallina create a peaceful, pleasant space for taking yoga class. As a musician, myself, I greatly appreciate the live music they perform for class. It sounds great and you find yourself getting lost in the music and drifting to another time and space. If you have never experienced a gong shavasana, you must experience one of their classes. They have a collection of Gongs that is amazing. When they play them, I sometimes feel like I am taking off on a cosmic voyage. I give Crown of Eternity two thumbs up. Kosta Bounos (Anand Roup)
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